Friday, October 1, 2010

microcosm ring series
In this Series of works titled “Microcosm” I have explored the idea of the miniature world, a place of wonder, full of possibilities and discoveries. A little place that engages the imagination and draws you in and for an instant you feel as though you are a part of that tiny world.

Taking a very organic and playful approach to constructing these series of rings I let my intuition and imagination guide me. Using silver, brass or copper sheet to build the main structure, the ring is then built up with layers of different resins. Texture and colour are added with acrylic paint, glass beads and different finishing techniques. Semi precious stones are added sometimes in an obvious position of show and other times in a hidden corner where only the close observer discovers it. Resins versatility allows me to experiment and explore with texture, form and colour in a way that deviates from the traditional idea of jewellery design.

Each work is an organic construction that takes on it’s own life during making, constantly evolving and changing. I like to think that each work is not ‘made’ but in a sense it ‘grows’ into existence. Much like microcosms in nature you feel drawn into this world of miniature to look and touch and really experience and engage with each piece.


  1. i wish i could wear one on every finger

  2. hello!
    where can i get one of your rings?

    thank you!

  3. fantastic! they have supernatural forms and dinamics, like limestones...or coral..and color is so interesting...i love them!